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Extra Curricular Programmes

Extra Curricular Programmes are embedded into the school day as the majority of our young people get transport into school. 


Dave does 1:1 music tuition on Thursdays. This is done on request of pupil, teacher and parents. Pupils go onto an 8-week programme, this can continue or pupils can end their sessions depending on where the young person is at the point of refection. 

Boxing - Empire boxing 

Sara is our 1:1 boxing coach. She does 1:1 tuition with pupils on a Wednesday. Pupils are accepted by referral only with parental consent. Pupils follow a 12-week programme. The purpose of having this 1:1 is so pupils work on resilience, control and/or fitness. Pupils may have a particular interest in this sport, so they have it to develop and refine their skill set. 


Brook Academy use the Halo sports centre across the road for their swimming. This is an option provided to all pupils however all pupils do not have to take part in swimming sessions. It is lead by our PE lead. We have lifeguard and a swimming teacher with 4 young people. Pupils have mixed ability, so we have put them in groups depending on ability. Therefore, non-swimming will be together, and the same applies to the other groups.  

Gym Memberships

We offer this to pupils who are completing a health related exercise qualification or they have this on their EHCP/PEP plans. We have a limited amount of these passes however they are not linked to a person they are linked to the school.