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Each Academy in Learn@ MAT has an Academy Council.

Whilst an Academy Council elects its own Chair, this appointment must be approved by the Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees can ultimately relieve Academy Councillors of their posts if the Board feel they are not performing their duties appropriately or well enough.  

On Appointment an Academy Councillor will serve a term of three years which can be repeated if approved by a majority of the Council.  The Academy Council meets each term with the Academy Councillors arranging regular visits during school hours to be visible to the Academy community, monitor progress and offer support to the Senior Leadership Team.

Academy Councils are responsible for ensuring advice is provided to the Trustees on the functioning of their Academy, to act as a link between the Academy Trust, parents and the Academy community, to act as a sounding board for the Senior Leadership Team and to offer challenging but positive support to the Headteacher, continually review the overall impact of the Academy and to review the implementation of Academy policies. 

An Academy Councillor helps make important decisions about the future of the Academy and build confidence about the Academy within the local community. 

Academy Councillors also help decide how funding is spent; support and challenge the Headteacher and guide what our young people learn and the values they live by. 

The Academy Council plays an important part in influencing the direction of the Academy and shaping young people’s opportunities to achieve their full potential.